All of our Harley Davidson® clutch products are precision engineered and made of high quality billet aluminum to provide the best in performance and durability. Our components are stronger, lighter, longer-lasting, and function at cooler operating temperatures compared to stock.

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These innovative Harley clutches feature centrifugally driven anti-stall technology, which makes them unlike anything else available in the market. In addition to preventing engine stalls related to clutching issues, our auto clutches

  • – Provide the ability to take off and stop in gear without using the clutch lever
  • – Deliver smooth power engagement and increased traction
  • – Improve low speed/technical maneuvering
  • – Enhance your riding experience by making it more fun and less demanding
  • – Extend the life of your clutch pack

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Our manual clutch products utilize traditional clutch activation technology. The mechanics may be familiar, but their performance is anything but common. These clutches feature significant improvements over stock because they

  • – Reduce clutch fade
  • – Allow precise clutch lever feel and modulation
  • – Offer greater torque capacity
  • – Dramatically extend clutch pack life
performance centrifugal-clutch
Lock-up manual clutch