TorqDrive Clutch Pack


A high performance manual clutch is now more accessible than ever with the TorqDrive Clutch Pack. It’s as easy as swapping your clutch plates into your OEM components. Proven at the highest levels of racing, TorqDrive thin friction disk technology allows more disks to fit in your OEM clutch’s footprint, decreasing slip and unlocking the full power of your engine. Whether you’re setting track records or shredding your favorite trail, the TorqDrive Clutch Pack will give you the advantage you’re looking for.

Click here for KTM/Husqvarna models

Note: Not a replacement clutch pack for RadiusX, RadiusCX, or Core Manual TorqDrive.


Features and Benefits

  • – Stronger drive throughout the power band – gain power without any expensive motor mods
  • – Virtually eliminates clutch fade
  • – Better starts and acceleration out of corners
  • – Improved drive through the whoops
  • – Increased clutch life
  • – Additional friction disks provide an average of a 25% gain in torque capacity over stock, while reducing lever pull effort by an average of 10% (Figures vary by model)
  • – Rekluse basket sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching
    • – Note: basket sleeves not applicable to KTM/Husqvarna models

What the Industry is Saying

  • “Dollar for dollar, this is the best performance product you can invest in your engine. The Rekluse TorqDrive clutch pack is the best $300 you can spend on a dirt bike. Aftermarket clutch parts are normally associated with durability. [This product] adds performance gains to the equation. We didn’t expect an aftermarket clutch to add power and performance to a bike. Then we tried TorqDrive from Rekluse.”
  • – Donn Maeda, Editor in Chief, Transworld Motocross
  • “I recently installed the new TorqDrive Clutch Pack into my student Ryan Smith’s YZ125. We noticed visible gains in the exits of his turns. I was so impressed on how the lever feel improved by giving a more positive actuation point. We had to adjust his starting technique to compensate for a stronger launch out of the gate.”
  • – Gregg Albertson, Factory Mechanic/Racer/Coach
  • “I’ve felt like previous clutches would slip towards the end of long races and after a full day at the practice track, but TorqDrive delivers distinct engagement and disengagement feel the whole time as if you installed a new clutch every ride. It is also the most comfortable and consistent feel at the lever out of any clutch I have ever run.”
  • – Mitch Anderson, Pro2 Class WORCS and Big 6