RadiusCX Upgrade Kit - EXP 3.0 to 4.0 with Clutch Pack


EXP 4.0 Upgrade Kit for RadiusCX Auto Clutch Systems Complete with a New Clutch Pack

Do you have a RadiusCX 3.0 auto clutch system in your bike? This is the EXP 4.0 upgrade kit for you! Quickly and easily upgrade your existing auto clutch system to enjoy the benefits of Rekluse’s next-generation auto clutch technology: EXP 4.0. This upgrade includes a redesigned EXP 4.0 disk fully assembled with Rekluse’s recommended tuning settings, plus a fresh set of drive plates and TorqDrive friction plates to keep your clutch operating in optimal condition. The upgrade is simple – Replace your clutch pack and your EXP 3.0 disk with your new EXP 4.0 disk and you’re ready to ride!

What’s Included?

  • Assembled EXP Disk
    • Consists of: EXP Bases, Rolling Wedges, EXP Springs, Quarter Turn Pins
  • Clutch Pack
    • Consists of: Drive Plates and TorqDrive Friction Plates
  • Basket Sleeves (for applicable models)

Why Upgrade to EXP 4.0?

  • – More direct power delivery, improved durability, and rider-focused functionality
  • – Upgraded base material providing improved strength at high temperatures
  • – Revised base design improving strength and rigidity, translating to more connected lever feel
  • – Improved wedge design with pins allows for rolling instead of sliding to expand the disk, creating a more responsive feel and smoother engagement
  • – TorqDrive friction pad design matches revised oil flow characteristics
  • – Engagement curve designs updated to better match modern motorcycle engine characteristics
  • – More tuning options with varying wedge weights and EXP springs

Learn More About EXP 4.0 Here