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RadiusX combines the best of both worlds: TorqDrive® thin friction technology and our flagship automatic EXP disk. All the anti-stalling benefits of our EXP technology with improved torque transfer.
Radius X Clutch

Have a KTM or Husqvarna (hydraulic actuated clutch)? Click Here. 

RadiusX combines the best of both worlds, adding our thin friction TorqDrive® technology to our flagship automatic EXP disk, all within an OEM clutch footprint. With RadiusX, we’ve created a high-performing automatic clutch at a mid-range price point for riders on the trail or track. This product is currently available for recent model year Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki motocross models. Additional applications will be released soon, please check back.

– Increased performance and durability
– Responsive throttle, feels like the throttle is connected to the rear wheel
– Snappier, stronger engagement/feel
– Increased torque capacity empowers the rider to use the motor’s full potential
– Reduced clutch fade

–  Prevents engine stalls
–  Smooth engagement
–  Manual clutch use is retained
–  Have more fun with less energy and less fatigue
–  Boosts rider confidence over all types of terrain

– On-the-fly external adjustment for cable models
– An automatic clutch that puts more power to the ground
– Improved torque transfer over OEM
– Reduced clutch fade
– Longer clutch pack life with less adjustment over time
– Custom basket sleeves dramatically reduce clutch wear and basket notching
– More direct connection to manipulate the motor’s horsepower by reducing free play
– Precise, consistent modulation and less action required to override the clutch