RadiusX combines the best of both worlds: TorqDrive® thin friction technology and our flagship automatic EXP disk. All the anti-stalling benefits of our EXP technology with improved torque transfer.
Radius X Clutch (DDS)

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RadiusX DDS combines the best of both worlds, adding our thin friction TorqDrive® technology to our flagship automatic EXP disk, all within an OEM clutch footprint. With RadiusX, we’ve created a high-performing automatic clutch at a mid-range price point for riders on the trail or track.

Product Benefits
-An automatic clutch that puts more power to the ground
-Improved torque transfer over OEM
-Longer clutch pack life with less adjustment over time
-Retains external adjustment with Rekluse slave cylinder

How it Works

Championship Proven TorqDrive Clutch Pack

-Increased performance and durability
-Responsive throttle, feels like the throttle is connected to the rear wheel
-Snappier, stronger engagement/feel
-Increased torque capacity empowers the rider to use the motor’s full potential
-Reduced clutch fade

Flagship EXP Auto-Clutch Technology

-Prevents engine stalls
-Smooth engagement
-Manual clutch use is retained
-Have more fun with less energy, resulting in less fatigue
-Boosts rider confidence over all types of terrain