Rekluse has upgraded the auto clutch originally developed for Yamaha and the debut of the YXZ1000R

New coil spring pressure plate offers added tunability to add additional spring pressure over stock. This system allows you to operate the manual transmission with ease, with smoother clutch engagement which comes in handy when maneuvering at low speeds in technical terrain. No more stalling and better acceleration due to the centrifugal action of the clutch.

Featured Technology

  •  – EXP (auto clutch)
  •  – Billet Coil Spring Pressure Plate
  •  – Adjustable Slave Cylinder (provides external adjustment)

Features & Benefits

  •  – Prevents engine stalls
  •  – Confidently navigate technical terrain
  •  – Easier for drivers to maneuver at low speeds
  •  – Fully tunable to handle the demands of varying conditions and terrain
  •  – Cooler operating temperatures and more efficient clutching provide extended clutch life