The perfect complement to an auto clutch, Rekluse is excited to announce the return of the Left-Hand Rear Brake with several notable advancements. The new system features a Rekluse engineered and manufactured full-size billet master cylinder providing high performance braking power while allowing riders to operate the rear brake using only their left hand. Riders keep the option and function of the rear foot pedal.

The Left-Hand Rear Brake helps riders to navigate challenging terrain including steep declines and narrow ridges with ease. In addition, it provides riders the ability to use their left hand to drag the rear brake in cornering situations for better line setup and faster riding with more confidence.


  • – Rekluse billet CNC machined, hard anodized master cylinder
  • – Rail Adjuster (RAD) Mount Technology – Separates the bar clamp from the master cylinder body so riders can optimize lever position independent of existing components on the bar such as kill switch, hand guards and stock clutch mount
  • – High quality steel braided brake line
  • – Compact optimized design
  • – Durable seal design for long life and easy bleeding
  • – Compatible with aftermarket brake levers


  • – Next level control- hand operation of the rear brake provides a more tactile feel than a stiff boot
  • – By modulating the rear brake by hand riders can confidently set up lines
  • – Improves corner speed and traction
  • – Stick out right foot for traction and body position rather than covering the brake pedal in right handers
  • – Allows rider to move the ball of the foot back on the peg for better weight distribution, making it easier to hold your line
  • – Better body positioning options when navigating technical terrain
  • – Off-road riders can put both feet down on steep descents for stability and control

MSRP $379




Honda 02-03*, 04+




KTM 03-04*, 05+

Husqvarna 06-17, 18-20*

Husaberg 09-14




Yamaha 03-08

Beta 10+

Gas Gas 05-19, 20*

Aprilia 450/550 Models

Alta Redshift 17-18

Sherco 14-20


RMS-5300004 Yamaha 09+

* Select models

Call your local dealer or the Rekluse team for order info