The perfect complement to an auto-clutch, the left hand rear brake kit allows a rider to fully operate the rear brake using only their left hand. Downhill right-handed switch backs have never been easier to ride. The rear foot pedal is still retained for use at any point in time.
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What it does

The Rekluse brake kit puts rear brake control at your fingertips using a compact “two-finger” lever assembly, leaving the clutch perch and lever position unchanged. It creates a connection at the bike’s rear master cylinder through a machined cylinder sleeve, allowing your foot pedal to remain attached and fully functional.

Benefits of our upgraded brake kit

  • – Makes it easier to ride challenging terrain including steep declines and narrow ridges
  • – Frees up your foot for right-hand corners
  • – Feather for fine brake control

Features of our upgraded brake kit


New master cylinder

  • – Durability of the master cylinder has been improved by strengthening the pivot joint components as well as adding a rubber dust boot to protect the cylinder from mud, sand and debris
  • – Novel design provides upgraded ergonomics via a tilted radial orientation and an improved lever shape for a progressive two-finger pull
  • – The dead-stroke adjustment feature provides tunability for each rider to obtain the desired lever feel
  • – The tool-free reach adjustment element offers a more robust configuration that is sealed against the elements
  • – More fluid capacity to support full use of brake pads


  • – More ergonomically designed brake lever
  • – Fully adjustable dead-stroke and lever reach
  • – Offers multiple mounting configurations to customize controls

Brake line

  • – Includes an upgraded stainless steel brake line, complete with all stainless hardware
Product Video
Right-Hand Switchbacks have never been easier
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