A new, innovative clutch system is coming soon that will give Harley riders a new perspective on clutch performance capabilities. How, you might ask? Well, to answer that question, we must first answer "Why?"

APEX Performance Harley Clutch

Why Design a New Performance Harley Clutch System?

Upgrading a Harley clutch system is not a new concept, but determining what type of clutch upgrade is best for the type of riding you do and the feeling you like can be tough with the various types of clutch systems on the market. Each of these styles, from a slipper clutch to a lock-up clutch and everything in between, have their advantages, but undoubtedly come with their downfalls, too.

We aimed to solve this problem when designing and developing the new APEX performance clutch system for Harley-Davidson big twin engines. With baggers and other Harley models being used in more riding and racing styles than ever before, the compatibility of existing performance clutch options continues to become more segregated, leaving riders unsure of what's best for them. Enter the APEX clutch: A high-performance capable manual clutch system that will help riders get the most out of their Harley, regardless of their riding style or other performance upgrades.

Harley M8 clutch

How Does the APEX Clutch Achieve its Versatility?

APEX is the culmination of of innovative design and USA-made construction that adds up to a meticulously tuned and tested system featuring a slew of proprietary clutch technology.

Fixed-Pin Hub

Traditional hub designs use machined grooves in the aluminum to retain drive plates, commonly causing notching inside the grooves through normal use and eventually leading to hub replacement. Fixed-Pin is a patented new hub design exclusively from Rekluse that uses steel-on-steel contacts to retain the drive plates to eliminate that notching wear and the performance degradation that comes along with it. As an added bonus, it also provides a noticeable improvement in clutch modulation and control riders can feel at the lever.

Rekluse Fixed-Pin hub.


TorqDrive friction disk technology allows for up to 8 additional friction disks over the OEM clutch stack. At the end of the day, more fricton disks = more torque capacity and therefore improved power transfer to the rear wheel. This is true whether the engine is stock, has bolt-on upgrades, or is an all-out high-HP build pumping out 200 ft.-lbs.

Rekluse TorqDrive for Harley clutch

Two Sets of Clutch Springs

APEX uses 6 clutch springs in total, but each APEX clutch system is supplied with two different sets of springs. These differing spring rates, one stiffer and one softer, allows riders to tune their clutch system with a total of 3 spring rate combinations depending on the torque output of the engine and rider's clutch feel preference.

Rekluse APEX Harley clutch

Core Components

In addition to the Fixed-Pin hub, APEX is also supplied with a billet, hard-anodized pressure plate. These billet internal components, referred to as 'Core' components, help maximize durability through both the strength of the parts themselves and with their oil flow improving designs that increase oiling throughout the clutch. This helps keep the heat down and allows the entire clutch system to perform longer and more consistently.

Harley clutch pressure plate Rekluse

Additional Hardware

At the end of the day, the details make the difference, and our basket sleeves are a perfect example of that. We should preface this by mention that APEX clutch systems for Harleys are available with or without a complementary clutch basket upgrade as well. Should you choose to keep your OEM basket, APEX is supplied with basket sleeves that simply slide in between the basket tangs and protect them from notching.

Harley clutch basket sleeves

So, What is the APEX Clutch Anyway?

The APEX clutch is a manual clutch system that takes the capabilities of a traditional coil spring clutch to a completely new level. This clutch is an innovative system that uses a combination of proprietary technology and design, including Fixed-Pin, TorqDrive, and Core. APEX improves lever feel, power delivery, rideability, longevity, and torque capability, just to name a few.

APEX Performance Harley M8 clutch Twin Cam clutch

Which Harley Models will APEX be Available for?

APEX will be available for a wide range of Harley-Davidson models powered by Twin Cam and Milwaukee-Eight (M8) big twin engines, covering year models from 2007 to current.

When Will APEX be Available?

APEX will be available at Rekluse.com and from Rekluse's valued distribution partners beginning early April 2024. Follow Rekluse on Instagram and Facebook for updates and check back here to get your APEX clutch soon! Let's redefine the way you ride.