Many riders may be influenced by the common misconception that a motorcycle clutch can only function one way and that it’s a static system they must adapt themselves to. Since its inception, Rekluse has been dedicated to proving and sharing with riders everywhere that is not the case. In fact, clutch components can be designed, manufactured, and fine-tuned to improve the riding experience, help new or learning riders, optimize performance delivery, improve functional longevity, and everything in between.

Riders familiar with the Rekluse name may also be influenced by the common misconception that Rekluse is solely an “auto clutch” brand. In fact, this is only a sliver of the truth. With manual clutch and auto clutch components, Rekluse is dedicated to leading clutch technology innovation which means all types of riders and machines are included, from high-performance competition to adaptive riders, to enthusiasts looking for comfort, longevity and lighter lever pull (up to 60%), improved lever modulation, and everything in between.

Why Rekluse?

To sum this up, why choose a Rekluse clutch for your V-Twin?

  • Systems and components for auto or manual functionality to serve performance and riding needs and preference.
  • Lighter, smoother lever pull.
  • Simultaneously optimizes performances and durability.
  • Perfect complement for stock or built engines.
  • Improve comfort and adaptability for new riders.
  • Auto clutches can help complement needs of adaptive riders.
  • Provide competitive performance in racing competition.
  • Performance complement to built engines
  • Free your clutch hand in stop-and-go traffic
  • For demanding riding situations such as riding two-up towing a trailer and trike applications

What will you Experience Riding with a Rekluse Clutch?

Swinging a leg over a bike equipped with a RadiusX auto clutch, starting it and clicking it into gear does not require a pull of the clutch lever. The clutches EXP technology allows the bike to sit and idle in gear without keeping the clutch lever pulled in. Simply roll on the throttle and you're up and rolling! Make no mistake, however, the clutch still retains all its normal functionality, and can be used as you always have any time.

Riding a machine equipped with a TorqDrive manual clutch, riders will immediately notice a lighter clutch lever pull, leading them to also notice improved modulation which translates to ease of power delivery control through a broader friction zone. Additionally, the increased torque transfer is felt directly, transferring more power to the rear wheel and connecting with the ground. On top of all that, clutch durability is maximized beyond OEM.

So, how does Rekluse clutch technology accomplish these feats?

Rekluse V-Twin Clutch Technology

We’ve covered the why, but how does Rekluse accomplish these benefits? To understand which clutch best fits your riding and performance needs, we need to first understand the clutch technology bases as it pertains to V-Twin engines.

  • EXP
  • TorqDrive
TorqDrive Manual Clutch System
TorqDrive Manual Clutch System
RadiusX Auto Clutch System
RadiusX Auto Clutch System

EXP Technology – The Key to the Auto Clutch

In V-Twin applications, EXP refers to the EXP disk of RadiusX auto clutch systems. Rekluse’s EXP disk is responsible for engaging and disengaging the clutch based on centrifugal force. When the motorcycle reaches a certain rpm, the EXP wedges slide out to expand the disk and engage the clutch. All of this is happening from engine idle to about 3,000 rpm. The point at which the clutch engages can be fine-tuned with different springs for a customized feel.

EXP technology is used in RadiusX auto clutch systems for V-Twins, and sits on top of the clutch stack featuring TorqDrive friction plates included in the kit.

This illustration how the EXP disk enables auto clutch functionality.
This illustration how the EXP disk enables auto clutch functionality.

TorqDrive Technology – Increase Torque Capacity, Optimize Power Transfer

Exactly what the name implies, TorqDrive is based on the principle that using more friction plates in a clutch pack creates increased torque capacity. Rekluse accomplished this by decreasing the thickness of their plates in order to use more plates in the same confines, while developing their own friction material for increased durability.

TorqDrive friction disk technology for V-twins.
TorqDrive friction disk technology for V-twins.

Summed up by the Rekluse engineering and product team, “The idea was to increase torque capacity to the system. Ultimately, the goal was to allow for more tuning options, lighter feel at the lever, and lessen clutch operating temperatures. We learned that some other companies along with OEMs were using standard-based friction plates, yet high-performance or even high-mileage riders and builders were experiencing issues with longevity and experiencing clutch fade, which was caused by expansion. Our goal was to find a fiber compound that was durable, even when the operating temperature became extremely hot, yet be thin enough to fit more fiber plates into that same working area.”

The friction plates are made out of steel, which bucks the trend of using aluminum. When subjected to extreme heat, aluminum expands roughly twice as much as steel. Expansion leads to clutch fade. Rekluse essentially solved an age-old clutch malady through metallurgy.

A TorqDrive clutch (left) compared to an OEM Harley clutch (right).
A TorqDrive clutch (left) compared to an OEM Harley clutch (right).

Additionally, the steel-based friction plates have unusually shaped friction material totally unlike a traditional square or rectangle-shape. The fiber design is based around oil flow, helping maintain consistent cooling qualities that oil plays such a critical role in during engine and clutch operation.

TorqDrive clutch systems for V-Twin applications feature up to six additional friction disks over OEM clutch packs depending on the engine, which helps them offer up to 50% stronger clutch engagement with no increase in lever pull effort.

Furthermore, TorqDrive systems are also adjustable in the sense of fine-tuning lever feel and torque capacity. This is accomplished through optional, lighter springs and a lighter hold-down ring option that is supplied in TorqDrive kits, along with Rekluse's proprietary basket sleeves designed to improv longevity through reduced basket tang wear - finally an easy solution for notching problems!

RadiusX or TorqDrive for your V-Twin?

When it comes down to choosing the specific clutch system to go with, you’ll want to consider several factors, including desired clutch functionality, primary use case, and performance goals, to name a few.

RadiusX auto clutch benefits:

  • Improves rider control, maximizes traction and promotes confidence navigating difficult riding situations.
  • Reduced clutch hand fatigue, especially in heavy traffic, bike rallies, and similar situations
  • Allows full, normal use of the clutch lever. Auto functionality can be overridden on the fly, at any time. Ride the bike and use the clutch as you always have any time you like! RadiusX auto functionality is there when you need it.
  • Eliminates stalling.
  • Allows riders to start and stop without engaging the clutch lever – less fatigue at stop lights an in traffic, meaning longer rides!
  • Tuning springs allow customization of engagement to suit rider preference.
  • Kits include: EXP disk, TorqDrive friction plates, drive plates, EXP adjustment springs, throw out assembly, and basket sleeves to extend the life of your clutch basket.

It’s important to note that the RadiusX auto clutch does also utilize TorqDrive friction disks, so whether your preference is auto or manual, you’ll enjoy the benefits of TorqDrive.

RadiusX auto clutch kit for Harley-Davidson.
RadiusX auto clutch kit for Harley-Davidson.

Recently purchased a new auto clutch system for your ride?
Be sure to read and save the included Rekluse Rider's Guide by clicking below!

*Note: Free play gain is crucial for proper auto clutch tuning and function. Watch our video on V-twin free play gain here

TorqDrive manual clutch benefits:

  • TorqDrive thin friction disk technology allows more disks to fit in your OEM clutch’s footprint, improving torque capacity and power transfer.
  • Smoother shifting.
  • Improved lever feel and control.
  • Light clutch lever feel (up to 60% lighter over OEM)
  • Longer clutch life through improved heat dissipation.
  • Lighter clutch pull with no compromise in power delivery.
  • Kits include: TorqDrive friction plates, drive plates, judder plate or clutch springs where applicable, and basket sleeves to extend the life of your clutch basket.
TorqDrive manual clutch system for Harley-Davidson.
TorqDrive manual clutch system for Harley-Davidson.

Upgrade the Package with a Manual Slave Cylinder

If your machine is equipped with a hydraulic clutch, Rekluse’s billet, manual slave cylinder not only takes durability a step above OEM, but it can achieve an additional 10% - 30% lever pull reduction when combined with the TorqDrive clutch. Who doesn’t want their bike to have a clutch pull smooth as butter?

Whichever clutch system you determine is best for your ride, Rekluse makes installation as simple and clear as possible, with thorough instructions included, and of course live expert support from the Rekluse team if needed.

Attention Harley-Davidson Sportster Owners!

The ‘Sporty’ is a historical platform that deserves optimized clutch performance just as much as any big twin, which is why Rekluse has developed manual and auto clutch systems specifically for Sportster engine platforms as well.

Manual clutch systems for Sportsters consist of TorqDrive and Core Manual TorqDrive systems, delivering improved power transfer and durability. Learn more about those here.

The auto clutch systems for Sportster engines is the RadiusCX, utilizing TorqDrive, EXP, and Core technology for the ultimate package of performance and durability with auto functionality.

Rekluse-equipped Harley-Davidson Sportster.
Rekluse-equipped Harley-Davidson Sportster.

Clutch Basket

Outside of friction disk and auto function technology, OEM Harley clutch baskets present another area for improvement. As the back-bone of your entire clutch system, clutch baskets have immense responsibility to not only keep your clutch system functioning properly, but act as the connecting to the engines rotating assembly.

Rekluse HD clutch baskets are constructed from billet aluminum and hard anodized to deliver enhanced clutch modulation, resistance to notching and extended clutch life.

Harley-Davidson clutch basket.
Harley-Davidson clutch basket.

Finishing Touches

With your new V-Twin clutch system installed, the Rekluse derby cover is a strong, trick looking complement to accentuate your bike’s custom look and give fellow riders a hint at what you’re running.

With a clutch and cover installed and bolted up, don’t forget to refill your primary case with oil before operation. Oil can make or break clutch and engine operation, which is why the Rekluse team spent extensive resources testing and specially formulating its V-twin-specific Factory Formulated Oil.

Rekluse derby cover.
Rekluse derby cover.
Rekluse V-twin Factory Formulated Oil.
Rekluse V-twin Factory Formulated Oil.