The 2022 season marks historical, double 450 Class Championships in Supercross and Motocross for Eli Tomac after his first year with Star Yamaha.

The start of the a new year of racing in January 2022 marked the first of a full season of racing for Eli Tomac on his new Star Yamaha YZ450F ride, a manufacturer switch that initially had everyone making educated guesses at best in regard to Championship performance. 

Well, Eli exceeded many people's expectations with a dominant effort in 2022 Supercross that earned him and the Star Yamaha team the 450SX Title. Relying on a Rekluse Core Manual TorqDrive clutch technology in his YZ450F, Tomac's attitude was noticeably positive and passionate for racing, which carried into the start of the 2022 Pro Motocross outdoor season.

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ET3's Core Manual TorqDrive clutch helping his YZ450F keep the power to the ground.

The opening round of the Motocross season in May at Fox Raceway was Tomac's one and only overall finish outside of podium position with a close 4th. After that, Tomac stacked up an impressive and consistent season with one P3, five P2s, and five P1s - four of those wins being consecutive. 

Despite that record, Tomac entered the final round only one point ahead of Honda HRC's Chase Sexton, seemingly the only rider capable of consistently matching his pace throughout the season. Tomac put in a veteran ride with a 1 - 1 moto performance at the final round, earning him the 2022 Pro Motocross 450 Title. This overall and Championship are very special for several reasons. According to several sources, this was likely Tomac's final outdoor MX season of his career, which also means he won his very last professional motocross race, something he did with his very first race all the way back in 2010.

The Pro Motocross circuit sees varying types of track and weather conditions, all the way up to extreme heat surpassing 100°F during the Fox Raceway finale. Regardless, Eli Tomac and his Star Yamaha machine relied on Rekluse Core Manual TorqDrive to get its massive power to the ground, and to do it consistently, resisting fade and slipping.

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Don't be fooled by all the scoop tire talk, that wasn't the only thing helping Tomac pull all his starts this season. #TorqDrive

Rekluse Core components, consisting of a billet inner hub and pressure plate, are designed to greatly improve oil flow over OEM to keep the Rekluse TorqDrive clutch pack cool during the long motos. For those that know Tomac, you know he is particular about his clutch feel and performance, and Rekluse is proud to deliver the Championship winning combo Eli raced with. 

The 2022 450MX title marks Eli's fourth Motocross championship, and emphasizes the payoff of Star Racing Yamaha's and Rekluse's dedication to performance.

The entire Rekluse crew is extremely proud to have the opportunity to work with factory-level race teams such as Star Racing Yamaha. The team behind the Rekluse doors remains made of up of core enthusiasts of the sport, sharing the same passion as the fans in the stands and the riders in the pits.

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Working with Star Yamaha and other partners has helped evolve the same exact Rekluse clutch components available to any rider out there. Whether it's TorqDrive helping getting the power to the ground or the RadiusCX auto technology helping riders navigate demanding conditions, riders, racers and Champions choose Rekluse.

Photos: Star Racing Yamaha

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