Rekluse's RadiusCX is now featured in the 2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS (Smart Clutch System). MV Agusta began making motorcycles in 1945, and has continued to innovate since their resurgence in 1992. The addition of RadiusCX from the factory marks the first time a full auto clutch system has been integrated by a motorcycle manufacturer in a production model. RadiusCX prevents engine stalling by disengaging the clutch when engine RPMs drop near idle. When RPMs are increased, the clutch engages, allowing the rider to take off without using the clutch lever. The centrifugal action of the clutch maintains full functionality of the clutch lever at all times, should the rider choose. RadiusCX incorporates TorqDrive thin friction disk technology. Thinner disks allow more disks to fit in the clutch, increasing power delivery and torque capacity. Check out the product video HERE. Learn more about MV Agusta HERE.
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