December 2017
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UTVDriver.com YXZ1000 TorqDrive Review

The crew over at UTVDriver.com put TorqDrive in their Yamaha YXZ1000R and put it to the test. You can check out their full installation and review HERE. To check out the clutch for yourself, go HERE, or use the “Select Your Ride” feature on our Home Page. The EXP 3.0 auto clutch is also available […]

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65 Championships in 2017

Rekluse racers brought home a total of 60 national and international championships in 2017. They put our products to the test in 13 different riding disciplines across the world. We had the fortune of celebrating 8 overall AMA pro-class championships, with two coming from Purvines DA8 Racing’s Gary Sutherlin taking both the National Hare and […]

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