We're proud to announce that the RadiusX auto clutch and TorqDrive manual clutch are both available now for the Indian Scout! The RadiusX allows you to take off and stop in gear, without having to touch your clutch lever.  This means heavy, stop-and-go traffic is much easier, and much more enjoyable for you.  In addition to the added convenience, the RadiusX provides a higher torque capacity versus a stock clutch pack, which gives your bike faster power transfer to the pavement.  The additional friction plates allow for cooler running temperatures, which prolongs the life of the clutch pack.  Installation is the equivalent to changing out a stock clutch pack, with no necessary modifications to stock parts. Learn more here. The TorqDrive gives you the same feel as your Scout's stock clutch, but the friction disk technologies inside increase your torque capacity and power transfer to the pavement.  Operating temperatures are greatly decreased thanks to improved oil flow, which increases the life of your clutch.  Installation is as easy as replacing a stock clutch pack.  No need to modify any stock components. Learn more here.
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