BOISE, Idaho – Aug. 30, 2016 – Rekluse Motor Sports announced today an updated dual-actuated, left-hand rear brake kit that improves rider ergonomics and adds a fully adjustable dead-stroke and lever-reach. Kit_1_Photshopped LogoWith the new kit, riders can adjust the dead-stroke of the two-finger lever for a more positive feel to the rear brake. In other words, a rider can now, without any tools, change the point at which the lever engages the rear brake and produces stopping power. The previous kit did not have this adjustment capability. Rekluse Development Engineer Logan Krueger said there are improvements to both the tunability and ergonomics that assist with technical riding. “The improved left hand rear brake allows your right foot to be free from braking responsibility through right turns and on steep hills,” Krueger said. “Your left hand can be used to finely control or ‘feather’ the brake pressure, as opposed to an all-or-nothing foot-pedal brake, which is especially useful in technical terrain and when going downhill.” A new rubber dust seal and improved pivot fittings provide enhanced durability and protection from the elements, while an updated push-pull brake bleeding process ensures proper performance and easier installation. In addition, the thermal-shielded, racing-quality stainless steel braided brake line comes preassembled from Rekluse with all stainless steel fittings. The updated kit remains the same retail price of $299. For more information and to purchase the kit, click here. For more information on the installation video, click here.