OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Boise, ID (July 9, 2014) – Rekluse has released their innovative EXP™ auto-clutch product for BMW parallel-twin bike models. This EXP™ auto-clutch will use a specially designed clutch pack using rEvolutionary components to compliment the uniqueness of the BMW Adventure bike line.   Logan Krueger, Rekluse Development Engineer,states, “We are proud to introduce this product which includes several of our greatest technologies in one package.  Adventure riders place enormous demands on their bikes as they encounter the gamut of terrain types and riding conditions.  This clutch product will meet their durability needs, while providing an unparalleled level of traction and low-speed control in addition to its renowned anti-stall feature.”   Benefits
  • Prevents stalling
  • Improves traction & low-speed maneuverability
  • Transfers more torque
  • Retains stock lever feel for normal clutch modulation
  • Protects the clutch basket and eliminates notching
  • Available for the following models:
F650GS          09-12 F700GS         13-14 F800GS         09-14 F800ST          07-12 (sport touring bike) F800GT         13-14 (touring bike) (This product does NOT cover any models with the single-cylinder engine) MSRP
  • $649
Part Number
  • RMS-6305 – Available now for purchase
Adventure EXP