Rekluse Releases reEvolutionary Manual Clutch: Core Manual with TorqDrive™

Boise, ID (June 25, 2014) – Rekluse has released their new performance manual clutch product currently developed for select offroad dirtbike and ATV applications. The Rekluse Core Manual with TorqDrive™ clutch uses components that are lighter than stock and innovative technology allowing the clutch pack to be configured with up to 12 steel friction disks and 12 steel drive plates. As a result, this clutch produces unprecedented rider benefits that many are already calling the best manual clutch currently available to the offroad racing market. “I really feel the power of the bike more with this clutch and without sacrificing any lever stiffness,” remarks Max Anstie, Team Rider. “In the MX2 class power delivery is crucial and with the Rekluse clutch, it just feels like it hooks up and really pulls out of the corners.” “The clutch hooks up great off the start and has a smooth yet very powerful feel,” states Scott Champion, Pro AMA Supercross rider. “Coming out of corners it really hooks up and makes the bike feel faster. I also noticed I charge through the whoops faster with better tracking and more confidence.”   Benefits
  • Launch off the line faster
  • Experience more traction
  • Feel more torque
  • Race with more confidence
  • Excellent modulation and precise lever feel
  • Say goodbye to clutch fade, basket notching, and the competition
  • Available for select offroad dirtbike models. Visit for specific model fitment. Image