Boise, ID (January 7, 2014) – Rekluse, an American manufacturer of innovative motorcycle and ATV clutch technology, has released their best Auto-Clutch products to date. Rekluse aims to be the #1 choice for aftermarket motorcycle and ATV clutches worldwide, so when it comes to making significant product improvements, it is by way of the customer’s voice. Benefits Prevents stalling. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full time professional Supercross/Motocross athlete, 3.0 Technology provides unprecedented advantages. The benefit of preventing motor stalls cannot be matched or beaten by anybody in the industry. Riding is fun, yes, but riding without the worry of an engine stall is like riding perfect dirt in perfect weather all of the time. Power to the ground. Rekluse 3.0 Technology was engineered to operate cooler, reduce rotating mass and prevent clutch fade. Where traditional clutches fade, Rekluse 3.0 Auto-Clutches keep horsepower transferring to the rear wheel for optimal traction. Higher durability. With the 3.0 update, durability of the Auto-Clutch product is better than ever. This means less adjustments and greater component life to keep you riding or racing that perfect dirt much longer. The Core EXP 3.0 product update will be offered for the same great price. Rekluse Core EXP™ Auto-Clutch | $899    Image Image  View the product introduction video